Friday, May 3, 2013

Gitanes Cigarettes

few days ago, I posted a printable pack of Gauloise Cigarettes.  Meanwhile, I was thumbing through my dog-eared old copy of Horror on the Orient Express, and found that theres a NPC who chain smokes Gitanes; Edgar Wellington.

This prompted me to do my best to mock up a box of Gitanes.

Gitanes are a French cigarette brand, introducted to the world in 1910.  The packs sport the silhouette of a Spanish gypsy woman playing the tambourine.  Gitaines 'Mais' use corn-paper and have been available since 1918.  An integral filter wasnt introduced until 1956.

The .png file so you can adjust the size to fit your needs, or use the Printable PDF

Print it out, cut it out, and fold on the lines.  Glue the tabs to make it into a box-ish shape.  You might want to fill it with rolled paper tubes mocked up to look like cigarettes, or with cigarettes if you're into that sort of thing (if you chose to do this, its my understanding that filtered Gitaness didn't come out into the 1950s).

This can be used for the encounter with the Wellingtons, or at other times.  The possibilities are really endless.  Just dont get Cancer.  We know smoking causes cancer - however as Call of Cthulhu players, the question is..... Cancer or Insanity.....


  1. So crazy....I didn t imagine that 'll find this printable gitanes image...I m preparing my fantasy for tomorrow night for the 50years old birthday of afriend here in Salvador de Bahia Brazil:...the thematic is the 60s...and I chose the great french singer Serge Gainsbourg mabe the famest Gitanes smoking artist... with many great others
    Thank you so much man.

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