Saturday, May 18, 2013

Trains, Dinner, Mysteries and other shenanigans

Heres a picture of a painting of a train going from Calais to Paris.
This could be a handy "postcard", with a clue written on the back.  Or a fake-clue to throw the players off the main quest.  I just like how it looks.

As a side note, I've scheduled this post to appear at just about the time that I'm proposing to my girlfriend on a train.  We're on a Dinner Mystery Theatre train (Mt Hood Dinner Mystery Train), enjoying a silly goofy mystery, while having dinner with my sister and step-mother.  Wish me luck, eh!


  1. Just as a little follow up: Asked her to marry me on the dinner mystery train, and she said yes.


  2. That's wonderful! Best to you both!

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