Saturday, April 27, 2013

Gauloise Cigarettes

Since yesterday, we got some matches, today..... cigarettes.

In the past, particularly in Europe, smoking was a socially acceptable activity, and quite normal.  In France, Gauloises were one of the most popular brands and were considered patriotic, and that they supported French "heartland values".  It was associated with the cigarette-smoking "poliu" (a slang term for French soldiers in the trenches), and later with resistance fighters during the Vichy Regime.

Print it out, cut it out, and fold on the lines.  Glue the tabs to make it into a box-ish shape.  You might want to fill it with rolled paper tubes mocked up to look like cigarettes, or with cigarettes if you're into that sort of thing (if you chose to do this, its my understanding that filtered Gauloises didn't come out into the 1950s).

Might be something found in someones pocket (and give a clue to where they're from....), or might be just an offering from a employee on the Orient Express to a stressed character.

The possibilities are endless.  Just dont get Cancer.  We know smoking causes cancer - however as Call of Cthulhu players, the question is..... Cancer or Insanity.....

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