Friday, August 23, 2013

Notes from the Intro Game Session

Last night was Game Session 1.

Heres a prop document I used - Newspaper

And my initial scenario/adventure notes - they're far from complete.

As the group has a couple people who are completely new to role playing games, and call of cthulhu in particular, this session was intended to get people introduced to the game system and some of the ideas.

I have one of these, the "Elder Artifact", from Cryptocurium (On a side note, I have a number of 'artifacts' from Cryptocurium, and have found them to be pleasent to do business with, and pretty fun props, in my opinion, Cryptocurium is 'one of the good guys in the prop business').  Things get 'weird' for the players when one of them found it inside a book that was concealed inside their luggage along with a note that said "Please give this to Professor Julian Smith".

In the "Newspaper" theres an article about a Hyperborean outpost.  The idea is that something was found by students, and the government has stepped in kinda ruthlessly.  One of the students managed to smuggle something out, and wants the players to give it to Professor Smith.  Its not a Hyperorean Outpost - its an Elder Thing outpost that was abandoned millions of years ago, and later used by Deep Ones.  Since nobody "knows" about the Elder Things, or the Deep Ones, they're assuming its "Hyperborean".  The Elder Things are long gone from the outpost and have forgotten about it.  The Deep Ones use it rarely.  The adventure isn't about the outpost.  I haven't even bothered detailing it at all, figuring that its completely in the hands of the military, and its a no-players-allowed-zone.  I suppose somebody could be motivated enough to find a way in, but.......  whatever.  The Adventure is really to get the players to know eachother a little, figure out their character a little, and introduce Professor Julian Smith (who will motivate them to go on the Orient Express on a quest to save the world from the Brotherhood of the Skin)

I also printed these out, on a paperboard backing and had them as the super-expensive paintings that are on special expo talked about in the news paper.  I kind of intended for them to distract players by making them think they were 'something'.  Partially to let them know that not all of the props have a meaning.

In the game notes, theres a couple letters - I printed those out to give to two of my players to give them a reason to be at The Manor - hired security.

After getting the characters together at The Manor, there was a lot of awkwardness looking at art and trying to figure out whats going on.  Then the artifact was found, and alot of curiosity - but when it didn't "Do Something", some interest faded.  They called a university, and the university said they'd send someone - and they did - Military Police, seeking the artifact.

Those turned out to be uncooperative MP's who refused to answer questions, and demanded that the artifact be handed over.  And just as that was happening, a drunken character threw a bottle at a Military Police man.  Well, she pegged him square in the back of the head and got a knock-out.  That startled another MP, who fired a shot.  That resulted in pandemonium as the hired security characters, and one of the goons proceeded to lay waste to the MP's, while protecting simultaneously trying to protect Lord Afbalder.

We ended the night with the combat just ending, and everybody trying to figure out what to do next.  All the Military Police are dead.  Their armoured car is out front of The Manor.  Lord Afbalder is in shock.  The Artifact is mysterious, but kinda...... blah.  Its a rock.  Hah.

And on the menu for the night -
  • 1) Broccoli Cheese Soup
  • 2) Scotch Eggs
  • 4) Sparkling cider relabeled as expensive wine from France.

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