Saturday, August 17, 2013

And how ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm, After they've seen Paris?

With 700 highly comfortable rooms, elevators and wide stairways, this "Grand Hotel du Louvre" is one of the most modern and luxurious hotels. It has 1250 employees assist travelers with bus connections between the hotel and the train station, guides, interpreters, and an information desk with currency exchange.  The restaurant itself has an international reputation for excellence.

Le Dôme Café or Café du Dôme is a restaurant in Montparnasse, Paris. From the beginning of the 1900s, it was renowned as an intellectual gathering place. It was widely known as "the Anglo-American café."

Opening in 1898, it was the first such café in Montparnasse. It "created and disseminated gossip, and provided message exchanges and an 'over the table' market that dealt in artistic and literary futures."

 It was frequented by the famous (and soon to be famous) painters, sculptors, writers, poets, models, art connoisseurs and dealers. Le Dôme later became the gathering place of the American literary colony and became a focal point for artists residing in Paris's Left Bank.

A poor artist used to be able to get a Saucisse de Toulouse (sausage) and a plate of mashed potatoes for $1. Today, it is a top fish restaurant (the Michelin Guide gives it one 1/3 stars star), with a comfortably old-fashioned decor. The food writer Patricia Wells said, "I could dine at Le Dôme once a week, feasting on platters of briny oysters and their incomparable sole meunière."


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