Friday, July 12, 2013

My Campaign

We're pretty much finished with Character Generation for my group.  At the last minute we had two people drop out (one for work related reasons, the other for personal life related reasons).

To bring the players and characters together, im planning on running a home-brewed adventure that will give them a hint at the hidden 'Mythos' world, while giving the new players a little feeling for the system.  This will also give me a little bit of a buffer before Chaosium releases the campaign set (so I don't have to use my original release stuff and then adjust for changes later)

As it is, the group consists of the following:
  • A British WWI Veteran.  He was a combat engineer during the war, and afterwards, he's been working as an engineer.  He's not particularly wealthy, and is seeking a stable situation.
  • The son of a British gentleman farmer.  His father became wealthy supplying the Army with food during the war.  Things have slowed down some, and he's seeking his own fortune and future, but still has some money.
  • An American Dilettante.  The daughter of a Kentucky horse racer (and whiskey bootlegger), shes kinda a party girl who studied french art in college and is now embarking on an European tour starting in Britain.
  • A Locksmith (who moonlights as a Jewel Thief) who is trying to hide from a recent crime.
  • A Gypsy midget actress/entertainer 
  • An American Mob Enforcer who is trying to get out of the game, trying to start a new life in Jolly Ol' England.  He's used to talking with his fists, and isn't above jamming a switchblade between someones ribs.
  • A Turkish WWI Veteran who came to Britain to work at a gym teaching boxing/martial arts, but cultural differences have left him desiring to return to Turkey.  Kind of a Janissary concept.  Very superstitious/religious.
One of the things I really like is that pretty much everybody in the group is a "regular person".  Nobody is overly-specialized or overly powerful.  Even the "combat characters" (The two veterans and the mob enforcer) aren't particularly combat powerful.  They have a good array of skills: I think the highest skill is the Farmers son, with 70% in First Aid.

For a physical prop inventory (physical 3-dimensional props/game aids) I have the following:
  1. Orient Express lamp set from ebay
  2. A small double-sided train station style clock thats free-standing
  3. A small steamer trunk (about 24"x10"x10")
  4. A leather-bound journal for the players to keep a quest-journal
  5. A typewriter
  6. An assortment of hats
  7. A couple prop guns
And I'd really like to have the following
  1. I'm still seeking a way to make acid-etched plates and cups so I can serve themed meals at every game session
  2. A couple more prop guns
  3. An Ithaqua Medallion 

I still need to pick up or set up the following for administrative supplies
  1. a 3x5 card file box so i can keep notes on NPC's
  2. a 3x5 or similar card file box to organize photographs
  3. a note book with laminated maps
  4. assorted paper props
  5. passports for everyone

And now I return you to your regularly scheduled programming....


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