Sunday, July 14, 2013

Makryats Curio Shop Sales Record

I've been looking for more props to make, and I'm a huge believer in letting players find clues, rather than just rolling the dice to let them see things.

Well, I didn't want to make a complete sales record and inventory book for Makryats curio shop in London (I dont see a need to make a whole book, even though that might thrill a forensic accountant), but I figured that I'd have my players toss some dice to search Makryats shop for clues, and when they find something, let them have the following document.

Makyrats Curio Shop Sales Record

I'd rather let them look at the sales record, and hope that they notice that the Toy Train doesn't exactly fit with the rest of the Curios and Relics, than just point it out to them.  If I have to have them roll dice to see the clue.... well..... then so be it (but if someone notices.... I just might reward them with a percentage point or two in a skill like accounting or something)

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