Monday, April 29, 2013


Svilengrad (Bulgarian: Свиленград) is a town in South-central Bulgaria, situated at the border of Turkey and Greece.  During Ottoman times, the town's name was Cisr-i Mustafapasha, which was meaning "Bridge of Mustapha Pasha". In 1529, the Old Bridge (Bulgarian: Старият мост) over the Maritsa, one of the symbols of the town, was erected. The town was ceded to Bulgaria in 1912 after the First Balkan War.

Svilengrad is close to the road borders of Greece and Turkey (one of the largest road customs checkpoints in Europe). Svilengrad is located ESE of Sofia, South of Varna and Burgas, West of Edirne and North of the nearest Greek community Ormenio and Alexandroupoli in Greece. There is a higher level of employment than in surrounding villages because most people work for customs and border related industry.   The Maritsa river flows west of Svilengrad. The area to the southwest is famous for its fruit trees.

A train near Svilengrad

The King of Bulgaria enters Svilengrad soon after the Ottoman Turks ceded it to Bulgaria in 1912

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